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 In full wave rectification, the diodes are used

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The direction of current through the load resistance of a full-wave rectification circuit:

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 In case of half wave rectification, resistance of diode during negative half of A.C is:

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Output voltage of rectifier is not smooth. It can be made smooth by using a circuit known as:

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Conversion of alternating current into direct current is called

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 The output from a full wave rectifier is

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If a half-wave rectifier is used to convert 50Hz A.C into D.C then the number of pulses present in rectifier voltage is:

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 If an A.C voltage of rms value of 10V is applied as input of half wave rectifier, then the rms voltage value of D.C output will be 

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 The basic reason why a full wave rectifier has a twice the efficiency of a half wave rectifier is that

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Output voltage of rectifier is not smooth. It can be made smooth by using a circuit known as:

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 In full wave rectification, the output D.C. voltage across the load is obtained for____

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 To reduce ripples in the output of bridge rectifier we should use 

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 If a full wave rectifier circuit is operating from 50 Hz mains, the fundamental frequency in the ripple will be

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In a bridge rectifier how many diode conduct during each half cycle of input A.C

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 If time period of input T in the full wave bridge rectifier circuit, then time period of the pulsating output of the circuit will be

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The method by which only one half of A.C cycle is converted into direct current is called

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The most common device used as filter is

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 In a half wave rectifier, the frequency of the input is N, the frequency and form of the output will be

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During the interval 0-›T/2  the forward biased diode offers

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Output of half wave rectifier is suitable only -

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The simplest type of rectification known as half wave rectification is obtained by____

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The semiconductor diode can be used as a rectifier because_____

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 Rectification is possible by

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The types of rectifications are

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 The device which converts A.C into D.C is called

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