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Force and Motion Phy

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 The product of force and time is equal to:

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Which one of the following is the angle of projection of a projectile if its range is equal to its height?

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The newton second is unit of:

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If we drop an object, its initial velocity is zero. How far will it fall in time “t”

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At what angle of projection of a projectile the range becomes half of its maximum value?

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The slope of distance time graph will always be:

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The range of the projectile depends upon the velocity of the projection and the angle of the projection ir 450. For a fixed velocity, when the angle of projection is larger than 450. Which of the following is correct?

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 For projectile motion in the absence of air resistance:

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 If two objects of equal masses 'm' are moving towards each other with the same speeds’v’ Then what will be the total final momentum after elastic head-on collision?

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Two trucks of masses m and 3m move towards each other in opposite directions with speeds 2v and v respectively. These trucks collide and stick together. What is the speed of the trucks after the collision?

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Newton first law of motion is also known is

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A cyclist is traveling at 15ms-1 she applies brakes so that she doesn't collide with the wall in front of her distance of 18m. Calculate the magnitude of deceleration.

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 If slope of velocity time graph is not constant at different points, then body is moving with

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A bullet of mass m moving with a velocity v is fired into large wooden block of mass M of the bullet remains embedded in the wooden block, the velocity of the system will be:

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The numerical ratio of displacement to distance is:

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The value of ratio of displacement to distance is:

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The distance travelled by a moving car with velocity 15 m/s in 2 seconds, decelerates at 2m/s2 is equal to

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Arshad is driving down 7th street. He drives 150 meter is 18 seconds. Assume he does not speed up or slow down. What is his speed?

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The ratio of displacement along diameter and total distance along circle:

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Weight rather than mass be used in calculating 

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A projectile is launched at 45° to the horizontal with initial K, Energy, E. Assuming air resistance to be negligible, what will be the kinetic energy of the projectile when it reaches its highest point?

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A ball is dropped from the roof of a very tall building. What is its velocity after falling for 5.0s?

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One ball is thrown vertically upward with a velocity of 9.8 m/s. If the takes 10 seconds to reach the highest point, then the acceleration of the ball is

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For finding the height of projectile, the equation used is:

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 If the velocity of the body changes by equal amount in equal intervals of time, the body is said to have:

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Time of projectile's flight is

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 If a force of 12N is applied on a body and its momentum is changed form 60 kgms-1  to 36kg ms-1, then find the time during, which this force acts:

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In clastic collision, when a massive body collides with light body at conditions m1>> m2 and v2=0 m/s, then the change in velocity will be written as:

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 A body is moving with an initial velocity of 2 kms^-1. After a time of 50 secs its velocity becomes 1.5 kms^-1. Its acceleration will be:

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 An____missile is called a ballistic missile.

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The vertical velocity of ball thrown upward with time. 

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A particle moves along the straight line. The distance x describes in time, t is given by the equation x= t^3 the acceleration at t=1

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A ball is just allowed to fall from the window of a moving train, it will hit the ground following.

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 For which of the following angles range is maximum?

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A projectile is fired horizontally with an initial speed of 20 m/s. Its horizontal speed 3s later is

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The path followed by a projectile is known as its

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Two projectiles are projected at angle of 20 and 70° with same velocity which one have longer range

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Time taken by a projectile to reach maximum height is t =

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At maximum height on the trajectory which of projectile becomes zero 

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 Which shows the correct relation between time of flight T and maximum height HI?

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 A handball is tossed vertically upward with a velocity of 19.6 meters per second, Approximately how high will it rise?

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A shell explodes into four unequal parts. Which one of the following is conserved?

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 When a very heavy ball 'B1' collide with a stationary target 'B2' of negligible mass, after collision the final velocity of ball 'B2' will 

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The collision between the two bodies is elastic if bodies are?

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Two railway trucks of masses m and 3m move towards each other in opposite directions with speeds 2v and v respectively. These trucks collide and stick together. What is the speed of the trucks after the collision?

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A player takes 0.1 s in catching a ball of mass 150 g moving with velocity of 20 m/s. The force imparted by the ball on the hands of the player is:

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 A gun after firing recoils due to 

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 A force of 100 Dynes acts on mass of 5g for 10 sec. The velocity produced is___

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A force of 6N acts on a mass of 1kg  which acquire velocity of 30ms^-1. The time for which the force acts

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 In which of the following cases forces may not be required to keep the

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The average force necessary to stop a hammer with 25 N s momentum in 0.05 s expressed in 'N' Is

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Which is a statement of the principle of conservation of momentum?

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When a force of 4 N acts on a mass of 2 kg for a time of 2 sec, what is the rate of change of momentum?

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A Force of 12 N gives an object an acceleration of 4 m/s^2. The force required to give it an acceleration of 10 ms^+2 is

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Which law of motion defines force?

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A mass of 10 kg moves with an acceleration of 10 m s2, the force on it is

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When force of 1 N is applied on a body of mass 100 g then the acceleration would be

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 If the force neting on a body is doubled, then neceleration becomes

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 If the slope of a velocity time graph gradually decrenses, then the body is said to be moving with

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A man leaves his house for a cycle ride. He comes back to his house after half an hour after covering a distance of one km. What is his average velocity for the ride?

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A body can have constant velocity when it follows a.

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 A man in a car moving with velocity of 36 km/hr. His speed with respect to the car is

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Two cars are moving in opposite directions with speed v. What is the magnitude of their relative velocity?

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The shortest distance between two points is called

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Length of the path of a particle is equal to the magnitude of the displacement of that particle. Shape of the path possible

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A particle goes from x= -2m, y= 3m, z= 1m to x= 3m, y= -1m, Z = 4m. Its displacement is:

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Consider the acceleration, velocity and displacement of a tennis ball as it falls to the ground and bounces back. Directions of which of these changes in the process

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The retardation is defined as

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If an object is moving with constant velocity of 20ms towards north then its acceleration will be 

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A Body moves 6 m north. 8 m east and 10m vertically upwards, what is its resultant displacement from initial position

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