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The individuals which are universal recipients have:

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The gene for red-green color blindness is present on:

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Locus stands for:

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When a gene suppresses the effect of a gene at another locus, this is called:

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Which trait in humans is an example of multiple alleles ?

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 The set of all genes in any population is termed as: 

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Filial is a Latin word. It means which of the following?

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A male and female have 6 daughters. Chances of next daughter will be:

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Bombay phenotype shows:

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All of the following are continuously varying traits except:

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A single ovum of human being contains:

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 Genes of baldness can express only in the presence of hormone: 

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Hemophilia is:

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 It is a autosomal recessive allele:

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 Which of the following is not sex linked recessive trait?

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Haemophilia B is due to abnormality of factor? 

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 Crossing over brings about:

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 A man with blood group A marries a woman of blood group "B". Both are heterozygous. What is the offspring's having phenotype" O"

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A man with type AB blood marries a woman with type A blood. Which of the following blood types might their sons inherit?

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ABO system has different phenotype on the basis of specific on the surface of RBCs

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True breeding variety is produced by which of the following?

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 Mendel studled seven pairs of traits of pea plant that were present on chromosomes.

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A pure breeding tall plant was crossed with dwarf plant. What would be probability of "Tt" genotype in F2?

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 Homozygous chromosomes include which of the following?

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In a dihybrid cross, what fraction of offspring will be homozygous

for both traits?

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 A pure breeding tall pea plant was crossed to dwarf plant. What will be the frequency of dwarf plants in F₂?

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 Test cross in plants involves crossing 

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 Allelism refers to:

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 Four children belonging to the same parents have the following blood groups A, B, AB and O. Hence, The the genotypes of the parents are: 

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 Which methodology of mendel was different and was the main reason of his success:

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 How many different kinds of gametes will be produced by a plant having the genotype AABbCC?

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A cross used to ascertain whether a dominant is homozygous or heterozygous is termed

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A woman with normal vision, but whose father was colour blind, marries a colour blind man. Suppose that the fourth child of this couple was a boy. This boy:

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 In sweet peas, genes C and P are necessary for colour In flowers. The flowers are white in the absence of either or both the genes. What will be the percentage of coloured flowers in the offspring of the cross Ccpp x X ccPp?

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A man with blood group "A" marries a woman of blood group "B". Both are heterozygous. What Is the off-springs having phenotype "O"

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 In which of the following cases, genotypic and phenotypic ratio will remain same In F2

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 Antiserum contains?

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Genes showing linkage are always on:

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 The genetic complement of a trait is called:

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The gene with multiple alleles is called:

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 When an individual is having both the alleles of contrasting charters it is said to be 

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 Gene linkage is: 

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 What would be phenotype of a person with genotype I^AI^B, dd? 


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 When a true breeding pea plant that has yellow seeds is pollinated by a plant that has green seeds, then all the F₁ plants have yellow seeds. This means that the allele for yellow is: 

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 In dihybrid cross, out of 16 plants obtained, the number of different genotypes will be: 

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Which of the following depicts the Mendel's dihybrid ratio?

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