Paper no.1 CHEMISTRY

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MDCAT Chemistry Paper 1

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1.A polymer of empirical formula CH2 has molar mass of 28000 g mol^-1. Its molecular formula will be: 

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2.The number of molecules in 9g of ice (H2O) is:

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3.Ice is less dense than water at:

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4.At a given temperature and pressure, the one which shows marked deviation from ideal behavior is:

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5.If the e/m value of electron is 1.7588 x 10^11 coulombs Kg^-1, then what would be the mass of electron in grams (charge on electron is 1.6022 x 10^-19 coulombs)?

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6.When the two partially filled atomic orbitals. overlap in such a way that the probability of finding electron is maximum around the line joining the two nuclei, the result is the formation of:

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7. 2H2 + O2 → 2H2O     △H=+285.5 kJ mol What will be the enthalpy change in the above reaction?

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8.Combustion of graphite to form CO2 can be done by two ways. Reactions are given as follows:

C+O2 CO2    △H= -393.7 kJ mol^-1

C+ ½O2 CO    △H= ?

CO+ ½ O2 → CO2  △H= -283 kJ mol^-2

What will be enthalpy of formation of CO? 

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9.The value of equilibrium constant (Kc) for the reaction

2HF H2 + F2 is 10^-13 at 2000°C

Calculate the value of Kp for this reaction:

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10.Coinage metals Cu, Ag, and Au are the least reactive because they have: 

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11.What will be the pH of a solution of NaOH with a concentration of 10^-3 M?

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12.If the reactant or product of a chemical reaction absorb ultraviolet, visible or infrared radiation, then the rate of a chemical reaction can best be measured by which one of the following methods?

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13.For the reaction 2NO+O2 2NO2 the rate

equation for the forward reaction is:

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14.Radon is used in emitter and being radioactive is treatment in radiotherapy:

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15.Arrange the following elements according to the trend of ionization energies. (C, N, Ne, B)

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16.Which one of the following noble gases is used for providing an inert atmosphere for welding? 

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17.The percentage of carbon in different types of iron products is in the order of:

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18.Which one of the following is the correct chemical

reaction for Ammonia formation by Haber process? 

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19.The pH of acid rain is:

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20.Which one of the following products is obtained when sulphur trioxide is absorbed in concentrated sulphuric acid?

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21.Which one of the following compound is a ketone?

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22.Addition of unsymmetrical reagent to unsymmetrical alkene is governed by: 

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23.Ethylene glycols are used as: 

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24.The halothane used in hospitals as an anesthetic is chemically:

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25.If halogenoalkanes are mixed with an excess of ethanoic ammonia and heated under pressure, amine are formed. Which amine is formed in the following reaction?

CH2CH3Br+NH3 Amine

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26.Primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols can be identified and distinguished by: 

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27.Which one of the following alcohol is indicated by formation of yellow crystals in Iodoform test? 

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28.Ethyl butyrate and butyl butanoate are esters with the flavor of:

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29.Which one of the following groups is indicated when HCI is formed by reaction of ethanol with phosphorous pentachloride?

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30.A student mixed ethyl alcohol with small amount of sodium dichromate and added it to the hot solution of dilute sulphuric acid. A vigorous reaction took place. He distilled the product formed immediately. What was the product?

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