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30. The unit of magnetic flux density is the tesla, 'T', it can also be expressed


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29.聽 A particle carrying a charge of 5e falls through a potential difference of 25V. What would be energy acquired by the particle in "J".

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28. An alternation voltage V (in volts) is represented by the equation:

V = 300 sin (100 饾洃 t)

What is the value of "f" for this voltage?

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27. Calculate the rate at which energy is transferred by 220 V mains supply which provides a current of 0.1 A to a LED?

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26. Path difference for the destructive interference can be written as:

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21. In relation 2. T1/2 = 0.693, which quantity is represented by 位?

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25. Calculate the energy of a photon of frequency 3.0 x 10^18 Hz.聽 (h= 6.63 x 10^-34)

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24. If a light is emitted by a single source passes through two narrow slits 1.00. mm apart. The interference pattern is observed on a screen 200 cm away and the separation between the centres of adjacent bright fringes is 2.00 mm. What would be the wavelength of the light?

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23.聽 Electric field strength of a point charge is E and electric potential is V at a distance r from the point charge. What is the electric potential at a point for the same point charge where electric field strength is E/4?

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22.聽 Work done due to centripetal force for circular motion will be:

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20. If a conductor of length 7m is placed in a magnetic field of strength 0.3T carrying current 1A, parallel to the field. What will be the force acting on it due to this magnetic field?

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19.聽 A copper wire has length L and cross-sectional A. Its resistance is R. If we halved the length and halved the diameter of wire then what will be the resistance of this wire?

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18.聽 An object is moving along a circular path of radius 4m. What will be its

angular displacement if it moves 14m on this circular path?

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17. A wire has a spring constant of 5 x 10^4 Nm-1. It is stretched by a force to extension of 1.4 mm. Calculate the strain energy stored in the wire.

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16.聽 Heavy nucleus of atoms go through fission so that they can:

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15. A negligible small current between input terminals of the operational amplifier is because of:聽

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14. The direction of current through the load resistance of a full-wave

rectification circuit:聽

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13. The area under the extension-load graph of an elastic material whose elastic limit has not been exceeded gives its:

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12. If we change the magnetic flux linking a coil by rotating the coil in a constant magnetic field, the rate of change of this flux is:

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11. Minimum energy required to eject an electron from metal surface is called:

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10.聽 Kirchhoff's.first law/rule corresponds to:

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9. Molecules of a gas at constant pressure for a fixed amount of gas have average kinetic energy X. Increasing temperature from 27掳C to 327掳C, average K.E. of molecules will become:

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8. The sum of all forms of molecular energies (Kinetic and Potential) of a substance is termed as?

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7. What is the quark composition of a Proton?

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6. In Double Slit experiment, the fringe spacing of the diffracted rays increases when:

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5. If two objects of equal masses 'm' are moving towards each other with the same speeds 'v' then what will be the total final momentum after elastic head-on collision?

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4. Which of the following is statement shows that no work is done?

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3. An automobile is moving forwards with uniform velocity due to the force exerted by its engine. If that force is double with the velocity remaining constant what happens to its total power?

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2.The wavelength of the electromagnetic wave having frequency of 3 kHz will be?

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1. The range of the projectile depends upon the velocity of the projection and the angle of the projection i.e 45掳. For a fixed velocity, when the angle of projection is larger than 45掳. Which of the following is correct?

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