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MDCAT Chemistry Paper 7

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1.Among the following which compound is formed by addition polymerization:

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2.Phosphoprotein comes under the type of proteins:

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3.Which agent is responsible for the acid rain :

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4.Chlorination and Bromination mostly use:

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5.A compound has 50% Sulphur and 50% Oxygen by mass by mass. Its empirical formula is:

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6.Percentage of nitrogen by volume in air is:

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7.Which one of the following reagents is used to distinguish between aldehydes and ketones?

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8.Which of the following is the correct equation to calculate relative molecular mass of a gas?

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9.The formula which shows the simplest whole number ratio for the atoms of different elements in a compound is: 

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10.Which option shows all the molecules with bond angle 109.5°

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11.Which of the following molecule has largest number of shared pair of electrons?

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12.Electron affinity of the atom is the energy released when: 

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13.What is the order of increasing reactivity of alkyl halides?

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14.Why is it necessary to distill aldehyde formed from oxidation of primary alcohol through acidified potassium dichromate (VI) solution or acidified sodium dichromate (VI) solution? 

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15.Gas is enclosed in a container of 20cm³ with the moving piston. According to kinetic theory of gases, what will be the effect on freely moving molecules of the gas if temperature is increased from 20°C to 100°C?

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16.Nylon-6,6 is also called:

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17.The product of the concentrations of each ion in a saturated solution of a sparingly soluble salt at 298K, raised to the power of their relative

concentrations is:

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18.Reaction of water with quick lime result in the rise in the temperature of the system. Using the concept of energy change, indicate the nature of the reaction?

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19.Down the group acid-base behaviour of metallic oxides of group 2 elements: changes to 

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20.Which one of the following enthalpy change is always exothermic? 

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21.The species which are produced by heterolytic bond breaking and can act as electron pair donors are known as: 

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22.Which of these pollutants is produced by burning of coal and causes acid rain? 

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23.According to Lowry-Bronsted Acid & Base Concept, H2O is 

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24.Which is the correct electronic configuration of Chromium (24Cr)?

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25.Which of the following acts as a nucleophile in the reaction of alkyl halide with alcoholic/aqueous ammonia? 

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26.The shape of [Co(NH3)6]^3+ complex is 

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27.Which compound will be produced by the oxidation of ethanal by acidified K2Cr2O7?

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28.Which compound is obtained by the elimination of bromopropane?

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29.The dilute solution of ___ is called vinegar:

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30.While finding the relative atomic mass, which of the following standard is used to compare the atomic mass of chlorine (35.5 amu).

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