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30.  Energy consumed by 60 watt bulb in 2 minutes is equal to :

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29.  In the case of linear deformation, the ratio of tensile stress to tensile strain

is called:

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28. A cyclist is travelling at 15 ms-1. she applies brakes so that she doesn't collide with the wall in front of her at a distance of 18m. Calculate the magnitude of deceleration.

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27. If the time period of the oscillation is 20 micro-sec, than what will be the frequency of that oscillating body?

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26.  Calculate the half life of bismuth-214 which has a decay constant of 4.3 x 10^3 s-1

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25.  Kirchhoffs first law is manifestation of:

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24.  Lenz's law in electromagnetic induction is the direct consequence of the principle of conservation of:

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23. The rate at which work is being done is called:

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22. A wheel starts rotating from rest with angular acceleration of 2 rad s^-2 till its angular speed becomes 6 rad/s. The angular displacement of the wheel will be equal to:

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21.  When a potential difference is applied across the ends of a uniform wire of length I and radius r, a current I flows in the wire. If same potential difference is applied to the ends of another wire of the same material but of length 21 and radius 2r, the current in the wire is:

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20. The different magnitudes of same physical quantities are measured by comparing them to:

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19.  A metal rod of length 10.0 cm is moving at a speed of 0.5 ms in a direction perpendicular to a 0.20 T magnetic field. Find the emf produced in the rod.

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18.  Light photons, each of energy 3.5 x 10-19 J falls on the cathode of a photocell. The current through the cell is reduced to zero by taking the cathode to a potential +0.25 V relative to anode. The work function of the cathode is:

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17.  A shock wave is produced due to an earthquake which makes the buildings move in the direction of the shock wave. Which progressive wave would this be?

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16. e/m of an electron is given by the relationship,

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15. Force is a derived quantity, its derived unit can be expressed in terms of the base units as:

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14. Simple Harmonic Motion of a body is described by which statements mentioned below:

K: K.E is maximum when displacement x=0

L: P.E is maximum when x = 0

M: P.E is maximum when x = ±xo

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13. Find the mean translational kinetic energy of ideal hydrogen gas at 17 °C.

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12. The de Brogglie wave length of an electron travelling with a speed of 1.0x10^7 m/s is equal to, (h=6.6x10^-34 Js and mo.-9.1 x 10-31 kg)

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11. If slope of velocity time graph is not constant at different points then body is moving with:

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10.  Coulombs law is given by the formula: F = k q₁ q2/r²

The magnitude of k having the unit of Nm² C-2 for free space is equal to

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9. Calculate the activity (decaying atom per unit time) of radioactive strontium-90 having 6.7 x 10^21 atoms at t = 0, decay constant of strontium-90 is 8.3x10^-10s-1.

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8.  Two long, parallel conductors which are free to move are arranged 1.0 cm apart. A steady current of 20 A flows in each of the conductor in the same direction. The conductors

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7. If one mole of an ideal gas is heated at constant pressure, then the first law

of thermodynamics can be written as:

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6.  When the frequency of the applied force becomes equal to one of natural frequencies of body then the body oscillates with maximum displacement this phenomenon is called :

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5. Electric potential due to 2 uc charge at distance of one meter is equal to:

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4. A neutron having mass equal to a proton (mp= 1.6 x 10-27 kg) is moving in a magnetic field of intensity 1.20 x 103 T with a speed of 2.0 x 107 ms¹, what is the Maximum force experienced by the neutron.

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3. Force experienced per unit positive test charge at a point in an electric field is the definition of:

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2.  A diffraction grating has 500 lines per mm, its grating element d is equal to:

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1. In case of half wave rectification the resistance of diode during negative

half of A.C is:

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