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Hydrogen bond is formed between; 

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In silicon dioxide:

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Which of the following is not an example of a three-dimensional silicate?

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Which of the following exists as covalent crystals in the solid state?

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In diamond, each carbon atom is bonded to four other carbon atoms tetrahedrally. The number of carbon atoms per unit cell is:

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How many unit cells are present in a cube-shaped ideal crystal of NaCl of mass 1g?

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The empty space in this hcp unit cell is:

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For trigonal crystal system, the relationship between parameters is:

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An ionic compound has a unit cell consisting of A ions at the corners of a cube and B ions on the centres of the cube. The empirical formula for this compound would:

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Each unit cell of NaCl consists of four chloride ions and:

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Which property of water provides the cooling effect of sweating? 

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When we say "water is a polar molecule," we' mean:

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Which of the following describes a hydrogen bond?

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The boiling point of CH4 is much lower than that of HF. This is because:

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The vapor pressure of a liquid increases exponentially with increasing temperature chiefly because:

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A solute is most likely to be highly soluble in a solvent if the solute is ___ and the solvent is ___

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The concept of "like dissolves like" is illustrated by which of the following?

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For a given substance, which of the following phase transitions should release the most energy:

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An insoluble solid was dropped into a measuring cylinder containing 50 cm³ of water. What will be the effect on volume of water?

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Lead and zine can be separated by distillation because they have different:

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Which of the following method is most suitable for obtaining a pure, dry sample of NaCl from a mixture of NaCl and sand?

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Iron acts as an electrical conductor due to:

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When gaseous ions are allowed to form a crystal,energy:

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The nature of bond in diamonds is:

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The radius of Na+ is 95 pm and that of Cl- is 181pm. The coordination number of Na+ is:

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In a metallic crystal: 

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If the pressure on a NaCl structure is increased, then its coordination number will:

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The three dimensional graph of lattice points which sets the pattern for the whole lattice is called:

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Crystalline solids can be identified easily from their:

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A malleable solid is one which can be:

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Which type of solid is dry ice (solid carbon dioxide)?

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How many atoms are in body-centered cubic unit cell?

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What is the coordination number (the number of atoms each atom touches) in a face-centered cubic unit cell?

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Which type of solids here are generally good conductors of electricity?

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Which of the following is a molecular solid:

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Which of the following is not a characteristic of amorphous solids?

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Which of the following is not a feature of solids? 

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Graphite and diamond are allotropes of carbon. Diamond is non-conductor whereas graphite is a good conductor because:

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