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The species which by definition has zero standard molar enthalpy of formation at 298 K is

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The enthalpies of combustion of carbon and carbon monoxide are -393.5 and -283 kJ mol^-1 respectively. The enthalpy of formation of carbon monoxide per mole is:

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For complete combustion of ethanol,

C2H5OH + 3O2(g) → 2CO2(g) + 3H2O(l)

 the amount of heat produced as measured in bomb calorimeter, is 1364.47 kJ mol^-1 at 25°C. Assuming ideality the enthalpy of combustion, Hc for the reaction will be (R=8.314 JK^-1 mol^-1)

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Which one of the following statements is false?

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If water kept in an insulated vessel at -10°C suddenly freezes, the entropy change of the system:

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When sulphuric acid reacts with two moles of caustic soda, enthalpy of neutralization is:

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Enthalpy change for the reaction, 4H(g)→2H2(g) is -869.5 kJ. The dissociation energy of H–H bond is:

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What will be the enthalpy of formation of HBr if hypothetical bond energy of H–H, Br–Br and H–Br are 300 kJ/mol, 100 kJ/mol and 250kJ/mol respectively? Reaction is as under H2 + Br2 2HBr

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Lattice energy of an ionic crystal is the enthalpy of:

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 Hf of graphite is 0.23 kJ/mole and H-transition of diamond is 1.896 kJ/mol. H-transition from graphite to diamond is:

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The enthalpy of formation for C2H4(g), CO2(g) and H2O at 25°C and 1 atm pressure are  52, -394 and -286 kJ mol^-1 respectively. The enthalpy of combustion of C2H4(g) will be:

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Which of the following values of heat of formation indicates that the product is least stable? 

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H2(g) + I2(g) → 2HI(g) ; H = 12.40 kcal. According to this reaction heat of formation of HI will be:

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Which of the following reaction can be used to define the heat of formation of CO2(g)?

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Heat of combustion of a compound is: 

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The compound with negative heat of formation is known as: 

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In a reversible isothermal process, the change in internal energy is:

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The internal energy change when a system goes from state A to B kJ/mole. If the system goes from A to B by a reversible path and returns to state A by an irreversible path what would be the net change in internal energy? 

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The enthalpy change for a reaction does not depend upon the:

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A bomb calorimeter is used in calorimetry at: 

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A balloon filled with oxygen is placed in a freezer. Identify system:

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To determine the enthalpy of reaction indirectly which of the following is used?

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Standard enthalpy of Al2O3 cannot be measured experimentally because:

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In the combustion of 20g of methane, 104.5 kJ heat is liberated. The heat of combustion of methane would be: 

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Total heat energy (q) can be calculated in a bomb calorimeter by using following formula:

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Enthalpy of formation per mole of carbon dioxide is 40 kJ. What will be the enthalpy of combustion for 60g of carbon?

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Consider the following reactions:

N2+202 → 2 NO₂ H=92 kJ 

2NO+O2 →  2 NO  H=158 kJ

Calculate the enthalpy of reaction of NO 

N2+O2 → 2NO H = kJ

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Which is the correct expression for lattice energy:

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Energy required to dissociate 4g of gaseous hydrogen into free gaseous atoms is 208 kcal at 25°C. The bond energy of H-H bond will be: 

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Energy required to dissociate 4g of gaseous hydrogen into free gaseous atoms is 208 kcal at 25°C. The bond energy of H-H bond will be: 

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The neutralization of a strong acid by a strong base liberates an amount of energy per mole of H+

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When water is added to quick lime, the reaction is:

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At constant T and P which one of the following statements is correct for the reaction? S8(s) +8O2(g) 8SO2(g):

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Evaporation of water is:

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The enthalpy change for the neutralization of 1M HCl by caustic potash in dilute solution at 298 K is:

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An exothermic reaction is one in which the reacting substances:

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In which of the following neutralization reaction, the heat of neutralization will be highest?

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Equal volumes of molar hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid are neutralized by dil. NaOH solution and x kcal and y kcal of heat are liberated respectively. Which of the following is true?

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Heat of neutralization is least when:

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For the transition C(diamond)C(graphite); H = -1.5 kJ. It follows that:

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Heat of neutralization of a strong acid and a strong base is nearly equal to:

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Heat of neutralization of NH4OH and HCl is:

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Heat exchanged in a chemical reaction at constant temperature and pressure is called:

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A chemical reaction will be spontaneous accompanied by a decrease of:

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For a spontaneous chemical process, the free energy change is:

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The relation between enthalpy (H), pressure (P), volume (V) and internal energy (E) is given by:

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A well stoppered thermo flask contains some ice cubes. This is an example of a: 

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At the standard condition i.c. 25°C and at 1 atmospheric pressure, the enthalpy value of all elements is taken as:

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Heat of reaction at constant volume is the:

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Mathematical representation of first law of thermodynamics is:

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The spontaneous endothermic reaction is: 

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Which one of the following enthalpy terms will always have a negative sign? in:

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If an exothermic reaction is allowed to take place very rapidly in the air, the temperature of surrounding air: 

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Enthalpy of neutralization of all the strong acids and strong bases have the same value because:

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Which of the following process is an exothermic: 

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Enthalpy change for exothermic and endothermic reaction is ____ and respectively:

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In a chemical reaction, if products are less stable then:

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State function is a macroscopic property that depends upon initial and final states but independent of path. Among the following, which is not state function?

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H will be given a negative sign: 

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In standard enthalpy of atomization, heat of surrounding: 

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