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Trough of a wave acts as:

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 In ripple tank 40 waves pass through a certain point in one second. If the wavelength the waves is 5cm, then find the speed of wave. 

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 In a ripple tank, 40 waves pass through a certain point in 1 second. If the wavelength of the wave is 5cm. then speed of the wave is:

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Astronomers calculate speed of distant stars and galaxies using which of the following phenomena?

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The speed of sound in air is 332 m/s. The speed of sound at 22 °C will be:

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 The wavelength of the electromagnetic wave having frequency of 3 kHz will be?

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Which one of the following is not a characteristic of stationary wave?

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Which one of the following varies when an object execute simple harmonic motion?

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A shock wave is produced due to an earthquake which makes the building move in the direction of the shock wave. Which progressive wave would this be? 

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Standing waves are produced in 10m long stretched string. If the string vibrates in 5 segments and wave velocity is 20m/s. Its frequency is:

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The speed of sound in air at NTP is 300m/s. If the air pressure become 4 times then the speed of the sound will be 

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In a stationary wave the distance between consecutive antinodes is 25 cm. If the wave velocity is 300 ms-1 then the frequency of the wave will be:

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A source of sound moves towards a stationary observer with speed one third speed of sound. If the frequency of the sound from the source is 100 Hz, the apparent frequency of the sound heard by the observer is:

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 A metallic wire of 2m length hooked between two points has tension of 10N. If mass per unit length of wire is 0.004 kg/s then fundamental frequency emitted by wire on vibration is:

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 If a wave travelling at a speed of 130 m/s and has a wavelength of 5m. Then find out the frequency of the wave?

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In stationary wave

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The red shift measurement of Doppler effect of galaxies indicate that the universe is

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The ratio between the velocity of sound in air at 4 atm and that at 3 atm pressure would be:

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An observer moves with velocity 'uo' toward a stationary source, then the number waves received in one second is

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In a vibrating cord the point where the particles are stationary is called

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 The displacement 'x' of a particle at time 't' is given by x= 10 sin 4t the particle oscillates with period.

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When the source of sound moves towards the stationary observer, the value of apparent frequency 'fo' is:

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The spectrum of a star's light is measured and the wavelength of one of the lines as the sodium's line is found to be 589 nm. The same line has the wavelength of 497 nm when observed in the laboratory. This means the star is

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 Two waves of same amplitude are traveling in the same direction and are out of phase, their resultant wave is:

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An organ pipe closed at one end has a length of 25 cm. Wavelength of the fundamental note is

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Speed of light, radio waves and microwaves in vacuum is:

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What is it that we use to calculate the speeds of distant stars and galaxies?

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Speed of the waves is equal to:

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Transverse waves cannot be setup in

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 A standing wave pattern is formed when the length of string is an integral multiple of____wavelength.

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Which of the following is a necessary and sufficient condition for S.H.M.?

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A mass of 0.5 kg is suspended from a spring. The spring is stretched by 0.0980m. Its  spring constant will be 

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The SI unit of force constant is identical with that of

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A body moves with simple harmonic motion and makes n-complete oscillations in one second. What is its angular frequency?

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The distance covered by a body in one complete vibration is 20 cm. What is the amplitude of body?

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A particle oscillating in simple harmonic motion is: 

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Total distance traveled by vibrating body in one vibration is equal to:

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 A whistle producing sound waves of frequencies 9500 Hz and it is approaching a stationary person with speed v ms-1. The velocity of sound in air is 300 ms-1. If the person can hear frequencies upto a maximum of 10,000 Hz, the maximum value of v upto which he can hear the whistle is

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The source of sound generating of a frequency of 3 kHz reaches an observer with a speed of 0.5 times the velocity of sound in air. The frequency heard by the observer is?

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 A whistle giving out 450Hz approaches a stationary observer at a speed of 33m/s. The frequency heard by the observer in Ilz is (speed of sound = 330m/s).

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Which one of the following explains that all the galaxies are receding from us?

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Bats navigate and find food by

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Stars moving towards earth shows

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If a Radar system designed in accordance with the Doppler's effect, if an airplane i moving away from a Radar, the wavelength of the reflected wave from the air plan would be:

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A source of sound moves towards a stationary observer with a speed one third that of sound. If the frequency of the sound from the source is 100 Hz, the apparent frequency of the sound heard by the observer is

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The apparent frequency of the whistle of an engine changes in the ratio 6:5 𝛱s engine passes stationary observer. If the speed of sound is 352 m/s. Then the speed of engine will be

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The source is moving towards a stationary observer then the pitch of the sound will A.

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Doppler shift in frequency does not depend upon

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Doppler's effect is not applicable for: 

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When the antinodes are all at their extreme displacements, the energy stored is

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Consider a stretched string under tension and fixed at both ends. If the tension is doubled and the cross-sectional area halved, then the frequency becomes

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 When the string vibrates in three loops then the length of the string is expressed as

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The phase between two consecutive antinodes is:

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 The distance between two particles in a wave motion in the same phase is

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A string of length 2m fixed between two supports vibrates in two loops. The distance between node and antinode is:

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 If the number of loops of a stationary wave are increasing, then

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 If the successive overtones of a vibrating string clamped at its ends are 280 Hz and 350 H7, the frequency of fundamental is:

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 If the string vibrates in 'n' loops, the wavelength is given by

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 The frequency of the nth mode of vibration of a string stretched by a tension T and having mass m and length is given by

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 "Stationary waves" are so called because in them

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 The frequency of the first harmonic of a string stretched between two points is 100 Hz. The frequency of the third overtone is

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Which parameter get affected after superposition? 

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What is added when two waves superimpose?

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 Laplace found that the alternate compressions and rarefactions produced in sound waves follow:

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The velocity of sound in air would become double than its velocity at 0°C at temperature:

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 Increase in velocity of sound in the air for 1"C rise in temperature is:

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Velocity of sound in vacuum is:

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The distance between consecutive compression and rarefaction in a spring 

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 All the points above the mean position in a rope


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 If two sound waves having a phase difference of 60º, then they will have a path difference of

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 Which of the following waves can be transinitted through solids, liquids and gases?

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The sound of lightning flash is heard 3 second after the flash is seen. The distance of the lightning is 1020 metre. The speed of sound is:


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 If a wave travelling at a speed of 130 m/s and has a wavelength of 5m. Then find out the frequency of the wave?

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 In a transverse wave the distance between a crest and a trough is equal to 20 

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